iPad Pro 12.9” (2020), iOS 13.4 - portrait mode doesnˋt work

I just bought an iPad Pro 12.9”, the iOS version is 13.4, Roon Core is at the latest version 1.7 (build 528), Roon remote app on the iPad the same (v 1.7, build 528).

I have been reading in the past that Roon supposedly works also in a portrait mode on the large 12.9” iPad, but it doesnˋt seem to work with my configuration.

Is there any special trick to enable this, or does perhaps Roon need to update the app build first?

New model info needs to be added to the App. This is typically done in the first maintenance release of Roon after new iPads are introduced. Give it a few weeks.

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Many thanks Rene, good to know about this process!

Hi @Mormorando,

Thank you for the report. We are aware of this issue and have an active ticket with the dev team regarding it. I can’t specify a timeline of when it will reach the front of the dev queue, but once it does we will take a look to see what can be done. Thanks!

My ipad pro 12,9 works with ios 13.4. Remember that portrait mode only works with cameraside up! (Sorry - i have a 2018 model)

Works on mine (model MTFL2NF/A). iOS 13.4

That’s a 2018 model. It’s the new 2020 models that Roon needs to be updated for.

Sorry my bad.

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