iPad Pro as roon core

I searched for discussions concerning the new iPad Pro 2022, with the new M1chip. I have the new iPad Pro, with a Sonore ultraRendu with an Exporer 2 DAC. The ultraRendu stores my Qobuz library. Would the iPad Pro work as a Core? The iPad Pro is definitely much faster than my 2016 Macbook Pro!

That may well be the case, but it runs iPadOS and not OSX, so can only run the mobile remote version of Roon…

While the newer iPad’s have M1 chip a MacOS they dont make, Ram and suitable multitasking are not there and thus no Roon Core…You ust be running an Intel/M1 computer OS not an Apple tablet.

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I don’t think so. Are you downloading files from Qobuz to a hard drive or just streaming from Qobuz? If streaming from Qobuz, your Qobuz library is just links to Qobuz files. These links are stored on your Roon core device.

You won’t be able to use your iPad as a Roon Core. When it comes to Apple, Roon Core can only be installed on devices running macOS. Which means only computers will be able to run it, not iPad’s or iPhones. They use iOS which is completely different.

When it comes to Qobuz. See the reply of @Jim_F above.

If my Mac computer needs considerable storage space, and this is the main issue, then I am even more limited. My Mac HD is practically full.
I am using iCloud 2T, to back up my files from my Mac desktop, and I can access any file from my iPad or iPhone.
It’s too bad roon limits the Core to OS computers.

The big advantage, and one of the reasons I invested in the new iPad Pro with the M1 chip, being able to travel more easily with my computer.
I am streaming Qobuz, with only about 50 songs, 10 albums downloaded to listen anytime.

iOS is not geared to be running as a server. It kills and deprioritizes background tasks according to a very strict (if not completely simple) set of rules, to prioritize battery life über alles.

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I guess I will have to live without Roon, since travel and many times without a Mac computer. Hopefully one day roon will have a version for iPad Pro.
Thanks for clarifying.

Or the long awaited on the roadmap roon mobile remote to home….


Is it not apples goal to have a single unified OS for all Apple silicon arm devices.
So eventually whether you select an iPad or PC style solution its the same OS.

I’ve heard it said but I suspect that blurring the line between tablets and laptops further threatens profits. Why by a tablet and a laptop if they’re near identical?

Something along these lines would be a real upgrade to Roon and perhaps a new revenue stream.

Most Roon updates lately have been tweaks to the layout, bug fixes, and what I consider minor things. But making Roon mobile would be a whole new functionality on a different scale. And while Roon lifetime purchasers get all updates for free, a Roon mobile could be considered a branch of Roon that users can install or not but if users want it, they need to pay for it.

At a minimum, this could work similar to how Tidal works now where playlists or albums can be downloaded for off-line use. I would not necessarily need, or want, to have my entire Roon library accessible mobile. But I would like to be able to select my favorite playlists like my Road Trip Playlist.

Yes, integrating Roon with my physical files I own along with subscription content from TIDAL or Qobuz is not as easy as it sounds, but a real positive step in the Roon evolution would be a mobile version.

The stretch goal would be to develop a Roon Nucleus mobile device. Something about the size of a DAP that meets all the requirements to be a Roon core and using micro SD cards to store the library. Plug it in when you are home, take it on the road to use in my car. Plug it back in at my vacation home. Roon mobile would be like when the computer world figured out that people wanted laptop computers more then desktops. I’m sure Roon could work with Astell&Kern or Sony on licensing arrangement. Those companies can bring their hardware skills to the table and Roon can supply the software. That is the future I hope for.

I agree roon should design a roon nucleus for the iPad Pro. They would want to include minimum specifications. I travel with my iPad Pro, and the younger generation are moving more to iPads and mobile devices. I have a Bower & Wilkins head phones, and may one day upgrade to the Sennheiser. My portable DAC sounds amazing with Qobuz.

LOl, you want to pay more. Good on you, I would suspect most users feel they are paying enough.