iPad Screensaver

Noticed that if I switch apps while Roon is displaying the screensaver view, when I return to Roon it will usually be displaying the queue view instead of the screensaver.

Has anyone found a way to keep Roon in screensaver view while it’s in the background?


Roon Core:
Roon Ver. 1.4 (build 294) stable (64bit)
Mac --Cat 5e–> Bluesound NODE 2 --RCA–> AVR

Roon Remote:
Roon Ver 1.4 (build 294) stable (64bit)
iPad Pro (2017)

@support is there a way to do this?

Still looking for help with this @support

@Jeffrey When you say screensaver do you mean the large view of the artwork?

Thank you, @Ratbert

That is what I mean.

I get exactly the same behaviour as you, I agree it would be nice if it stayed but to my knowledge it has always behaved like this.

Sorry to hear that, but at the same time I’m glad to know this iPad isn’t the only one that acts this way.

I’ll keep trying @support to see if there is a reason for it.

Ok, might be a feature request.

I’m hoping we can do a new and improved screensaver sometime soon, but I don’t have a time frame on when that work might happen.

The way that screen is currently built means it will always dismiss when you switch apps, but a feature request would be good here.

Thanks for the feedback @Jeffrey!

Thank you. @mike and @Ratbert.

I’ll post a feature request for this.

Mike, keep up the great work.

Rathbert, keep enjoying that iPad (and the music).

I will, thanks.