iPad wifi disconnections

Most of the time my wifi signal is good, around 45-50%, but the iPad app disconnects fairly frequently, say every couple of minutes or so. I get the same sort of issue on some other apps, for example iPeng for controlling Squeezebox. I’ve googled this and it seems that wifi disconnections are a problem with iPads and wifi generally.

OK so this minor problem is made a lot worse by the way the Roon app handles the situation. It blanks the screen, gives a big error and waits to reconnect. When you are trying to use the app this is kinda annoying to say the least. It has the feeling of turning a small problem into a crisis. Ideally there might be a small indicator somewhere that shows that comms is currently interrupted (especially if the software has seen 100 such disconnects/reconnects in the past couple hours) but no sweat, we’ll try to keep as much going as possible while we reconnect.

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@bob_prangnell - this may be the same problem that is being discussed here: Keep connection alive on iPad

Well similar. But this is not happening when I switch to other apps, then back to Roon. This happens all the time while I’m trying to use it. Such a shame - just about everything else about Roon is flawless, but this has me almost throwing the iPad across the room.

Gotcha, and apologies, I’ve now read your post more slowly! If other apps are affected it strikes me that it is most likely your wifi signal or perhaps your router that is the culprit. I’d try restarting everything, particularly the router and then seeing if the same problem occurs with you using your iPad close to your router where wifi signal is better. Could just be the range or might be a wifi channel conflict with a neighbour. Hope this is of some help.

Thanks, I think the solution is to get a closer router.

But my point is this really - if you google iPad wifi disconnections you’ll see that iPads don’t seem to be the most reliable wifi devices when the signal is marginal. So I won’t be the only one experiencing this issue.

It’s just the way that Roon responds to these momentary disconnections is not nice, in fact it’s really annoying, constantly losing your place when browsing for instance.

Yes, iPeng suffers the same sort of problem. But it just pauses and then carries on. I’ve put up with this for 5 years or so, but after using Roon for 5 weeks with iPad I have decided to go buy another router to put closer because I can’t stand it. I say this as a Roon fan; others may see this as a fatal flaw that puts them off the software.

I haven’t suffered from too many wifi disconnections but I agree that dealing with the whole connection/snoozing process could be more graceful. From the way that my data transfer icon flies around and around on the ipad whilst using roon there is a whole bunch of data flying back and forth and that is the nature of a beast like Roon. I’m sure additional caching optimisation and looking at the order of things being affected upon data outtage and then rescued once data resumes will give the perception of this being less of a problem, which I think is 80% of the problem. I am constanstly getting presented with the play bar at the foot of the screen and the rest of the screen is white. If I click on the play bar then the queue refreshes itself but it’s annoying as i ruins the flow.

Agree that this should be fixed. Even just switching to another app for several seconds will cause a disconnect when switching back to the Roon app. When it does get reconnected, the screen I was viewing is often gone, and I am looking at a blank screen instead. Is there a way the Roon app can just continue running in the background?