iPadOS 15.0 and Roon 1.8 build 831 looks OK

I have upgraded my iPad Pro to iPadOS 15.0
Have been using the latest Roon Remote build the whole evening without any issues (of course not tested all Roon functionalities)



Good to know. :+1:

I updated my iPad mini4 back when @Neil_Small mentioned the iOS 15 update in an earlier thread.
That was before moving to stable build 831.
I saw no issues and have still not, played many hours of Roon since that time.
All looks good to me.
But I am a very simple low demand use case I think compared to what I read in this forum…lol.


I do not have an iPhone.
On my iPad Roon just shows the zones by their name.

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In the two days that I have been running iOS 15 and IPadOS 15 on my iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 4 and iPhone 12 Pro I haven’t had any issues other than the occasional app crash (that’s been going on for years).

I think you are a grateful customer who sees not only problems but also many good solutions. You always manage to enjoy and recommend good music!

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