iPadOS + Apple M1 any plans to run Roon Core?


In light of the new Apple M1 incorporated in the iPad Pro 2021,

Are there any plans to utilise this and use the iPad Pro as a Roon Core, considering it is the same SOC used in the Macs?

Also, should we expect ARM support for the Macs soon?

George I imagine that the issue will be with platform and not the Power of the processor.

The tools used to build Roon all need to exist got it to run. Also remember there’s a lot of rules in the iOS ecosystem, so I do not see this happening in the short term.

I imagine Roon would have to charge 30% more for entry into the walled garden

Today Apple will introduce a new update on the os and it is rumoured that they will allow fully fledged apps on the ipad pros…

If this is the case i assume that roon could potentially implement the software on the ipad

It would be hugely convenient as it would eliminate 1 device from the chain

George I am highly doubtful as Apple only support apps build using their tools.
But I can certainly see the benefit for some users.

Hmmm that’s unfortunate…
Lets see…