iPadOS impact on Roon

May be too early to know, but does the team see any big changes/issues with the move from iOS to iPadOS announced yesterday?

I just downloaded iPadOS 13 and Roon is working just fine! :grin:

Next I will do the same with iOS 13.


Thanks for sharing this. Good to know.

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How are you finding it? Apple has advised its not worth getting on your primary device just yet.

As expected it is a bit buggy, but overall it is not bad at all. Most early adopters choose to wait until at least the public Beta in July.

I’ve put on an older iPad Pro 10.5” and will do my old 6s shortly too. Plus running Catalina on a mbp2013 for fun

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Works fine on mine 12.9” last gen iPad with ipados 13 and 6s plus with ios 13 also.

You need a developer subscription to install now. (and you need to like bugs)

There is a way around having a Dev account, if you are brave enough to deal with bugs.

Everything is good on iOS 13 [iPhone] as well. :smiley:

Muchas gracias por toda la información.

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De Nada! :raised_hands:t4: