iPhone app - fast scrolling

Love the iphone app!
Still getting used to it and wondering whether there is a way to fast scroll through artists and albums.
I’ve only been able to use the search to move quickly through the long list.
Just wondering whether i missed something, if not: would love the see the feature added.

You’re not missing anything. We know this area needs work.

Thanks. I guess that means i’ll love it even more sometime in the future.
Keep it up!

I was wondering the same thing. The iPhone app feels like an Android app to me. Responsive and quick though, just not native. Which I guess it isn’t either.

Will it still be possible to get it to respond to touch input like a native app would? The difference in behaviors might be subtle, but I still find it jarring.

Is this issue ever going to be addressed? Scrolling artist and albums with the iphone app is not ideal. Unless I’m missing something. There is no way to jump to a particular letter without just continuing to scroll. I have over 1900 artists so it’s time-consuming process.