iPhone App (Is this an issue?)

Is this an issue:

IOS, iphone app.

When on “now playing”, I select add to library…
Then selecting heart, status does not change??

If I jump back to the album page, I can heart the album?

Is this correct?

Yes. The version you are playing doesn’t transform into the library version.

One would expect the content to Realtime update its status.
Seems odd to me.

That’s how it works, it confuses everyone.

Hmmm…the “heart” button in Roon is not the same as “Add to Library”. Some confusion there, I think, because this differs from the TIDAL app, where the “heart” button is how you add an album to your favorites.

In Roon, that “heart” button actually has three possible states:

  • Favorite
  • Ban
  • Unselected

A banned album or track will never be played as part of a larger unit of playback (artist, radio, “all”, genre, …). You must select it for playback directly in order to hear it. Albums and tracks that are favorited will show up when you use the “favorites” filter button in any of the library views. For example:

I would not be surprised if favorites data was used to improve results under “New Releases for You”, but I don’t know this for a fact.

So, use the “heart” button to make your favorite artists, albums, and tracks easier to find, but continue to explicitly use the “Add to Library” button to add TIDAL/Qobuz content to your library.

I understand the heart button is not add to library.
I was pointing out that tracks in now playing, once added to the library can not be hearted, on the same now playing screen.

It makes no sense.
Its not intuitive. Confusing everyone - suggests a bad GUI/user ability decision.

Interesting. It has never occurred to me to try to do this. But, I tend to add TIDAL content entire albums at a time from the album view instead of individual tracks from the queue.

Yes, I recognize this issue, it’s pretty annoying!

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It came from Roon originally being sooloos without any streaming services. The team have said they wouldn’t do it this way again but it’s baked in to everything in roon now.