iPhone App & Zone Switching on IOS14

Hi I might be just a numpty but since upgrading to iOS14 I don’t see a way to back out of the switch zone screen once you’ve selected a new zone to control. Are others experiencing the same thing? I have to quit the app to get back to the main screen.

On my iPhone 11, there is enough screen real estate to click outside the menu, as one does on a PC, e.g.

OTOH, using an iPhone to control Roon is frustrating and ugly experince.

maybe try checking your zoom and font settings are normal sizes. Im not seeing issues on my iPh X

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Might have to wait for the reworked zone picker in the next version…

Same as Slim, I have an iPhone 11 and that has enough space to the left of the zone select window so I can tap there.
Maybe it’s only certain models of iPhone affected?

Thank you. It was the zoom setting under display & brightness. Reset it to standard and all is good again.