iPhone & iPad does not find the core in a WiFi MESH Velop setup [Resolved - Use Bridge Mode]

Hi all,

I’m really new using roon, in fact i’m yet in the trial period.

My actual set up is: Roon core installed in a desktop computer then two endpoints in two laptops. My house have wired gigabit ethernet in all rooms so i will use the laptops wired to the net and then connedted to a DAC.

As the house is big i’m using a Wifi Mesh system by Linksys (velop)

The issue i’m finding is that i would like to use my iphone & Ipad as remote controllers but they can’t find the core as the wifi mesh create like a new wifi set up so the iphone & ipad cant find it. It’s like they were in another net. When i have set-up the laptops, the roon core was detected right away…

I’m not an expert in wifi settings so i don’t know if the mesh system can only replicate the net that comes from the modem-router istead of creating like a new wifi.

I would appreciate if someone usign wifi mesh systems in their homes can help me with this issue.

best regards and thank you.

Hi Angel (Hola Ángel ;)… The Velop is connected directly to the Internet connection (ISP), so it manage the Internet connection directly, or is connected to the ISP Modem-Router ethernet input? If it´s connected to the ISP´s Modem-Router ethernet port, then I think you should set the Velop in BRIDGE mode. I had a similar problem when I bought an Amplify system, that I connected to the ethernet port of the Router that manage the ISP Fiber connection, and the solution was setting the new Amplify, connected to the Main ROuter-ISP, to bridge. Now works perfectly.

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Thank you very much NachoGo.

You were right, after configuring the VELOP in Bridge mode everything is working as expected.

The problem with mesh systems is that in order to have all their features available (Parental control, Device priorities…) they instruct you to install it as a new wifi. As NachoGo said, it has to be installed in bridge mode just to use the same ISP as the wired ethernet that comes from the modem-router.

Muchas Gracias Nacho.

You welcome! (no hay de qué :wink: