iPhone not showing as endpoint (via VPN) after update of Roon

After doing the latest Roon update the iPhone won’t show as an end point when connected via vpn to the local network

@Antonis_Anastassiad1, VPNs are not a supported configuration for Roon except in some limited cases for Roon ARC subscribers behind a CG-NAT network. I have re-categorized your post to the Tinkering section where other VPN users may have some suggestions for you.

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Hi @Antonis_Anastassiad1 I had a similar issue last year and found that it may be one of two things.

  1. Occasionally when an update occurred my iPhone and iPad were reset to private zones and would not connect. Check these settings on your system and turn it off private zone if applicable.

  2. You may have to turn off your VPN when connecting the iPhone to Roon to allow the connection to take place. What i found was that once the connection was established, you could turn the VPN back on the connection would continue to work and you would have your VPN back operational again.

Hope that helps…

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