iPhone really needs swipe right to go back


Yes, a very much wanted feature for me as well, swipe to go back AND forth on IOS AND OSX AND Windows. That is the way most apps work nowadays. Roon is great but the stubborn UI consistancy for different OS is going to be an archiles heel.

As far as the IOS ipad app is concerned it loads annoyingly slow everytime. Now I now that IOS is the worst multitasking OS imaginable so it is not Roon fault bur it would be very helpfull if Roon could stay active in the background. Don’t know if Apple wil allow this but As it is now every time I click on an weblink or wiki link from within Roon it opens up in Safari. Going back to Roon takes ages for Roon to start up again, very annoying.

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I very much want apps on iOS to be allowed to continue running so avoid the reload/wakeup time each time. I keep an iPad plugged in on a kiosk stand and use the backlight button to ‘turn if off’ but want the app(s) to keep running. iOS doesn’t allow this currently and I suspect never will to preserve power/battery life.

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I wanna swipe on OSX and iphone :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is an interesting point. In the past, UI consistency was a valid Dev argument for not implementing iOS-style swipe functionality. However, if that swipe functionality is now standard practice on most touch-enabled OS, then it really should be implemented in Roon. It’s a huge boon for usability.


Agree, can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to swipe to go back

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It’s maddening. You can swipe to go back in almost every app out there, I don’t understand why Roon has to be different.

Please please please.


What about triggering all the functions your finger travels over when you swipe. to me pushing the back or forward button makes more sense.
Sure I am stirring a hornets nest.
It is also faster to push a button than to swipe.