iPhone really needs swipe right to go back

It bothers me some on desktop, and a little more on iPad, but on iPhone, I really expect swiping right from the left side of the screen to take me back to the previous screen. It’s an iOS UI pattern that is ingrained in my usage, and makes Roon leap out as something that’s not native to the platform.



I will vote for this as well

Yep, iPhone, iPad and Mac as well please.

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+1, this is standard in most iOS apps nowadays

My vote too. I miss this as seen in my previously owned streamer app.

+1 on the swipe to go back…

But… it may be difficult to fully implement as scrolling in Roon is inconsistent. The only consistency in the scrolling is it’s consistent inconsistency, no matter what platform you are using. :upside_down:


i agree! +1.

I almost started a feature request for it but luckily found this topic.

A big +1 from me too! :slight_smile:

PS: I am using an iPad but am assuming this functionality would work for both iPhone and iPad once implemented.

The more Roon behaves consistently with expected iOS functionality the better! +2

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I fully agree.

+1, fully agree! It does work while browsing the “View All Albums” (both back/to the left and forward/to the right), but not for the rest of the screens.

+1, I fully agree

This is why I cancelled my Roon trial. The whole app is not native - that’s why every user interaction feels alien to the iOS platform. Transitions are non-existant, graphics are non-retina, buttons often very small and there are many little oddities in how it works which really turned me off.

Here’s a vote for a native iOS app (I will get a subscription if this gets fixed).


For my particular home setup, none of those issues outweighed Roon’s many benefits, but I agree that continuing to polish the iOS app would be a wise choice and a valuable use of developer time. iOS devices are very popular, and I suspect that there’s a considerable amount of overlap between users who are willing to pay for a premium/power-user playback software and those users who are willing to pay the costly price Apple applies to the iPhone and iPad product lines.

It’s logical—and absolutely the right move—for developers to focus on maintaining a uniform experience across devices, and I hope they continue with that design philosophy. That being said, I do think there is a notable difference between designing a unique experience for each platform and adding polish and native customizations to those extant variants. For example, I would suggest adding:

  • Windows App: Superbar Jump List Controls
  • iOS App: Swipe Navigation
  • iOS App: Retina Graphics
  • Mac App: Basic Menubar Controls

I believe those modifications comfortably split the difference between rigid design conformity and each platform having a completely different feel. (Obviously, easier said than done. I love Roon in its current state and happily purchased a Lifetime license.)


+1 on the swipe to go back in iOS

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+1. This is standard now. Not supporting it will make Roon look out dated.

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+1, me too.

Nothing wrong with the past :sunglasses:

Just want to resurrect this thread. I just let my membership lapse and the fact that the iOS app is not native is a major part of that. It’s so slow, and many expected interactions are just not there. Would love to hear feedback from @support if there are any plans to improve the speed of the iOS app by moving away from web views and going native iOS instead.


I would like native app/behavior as well. I’d also like to add, its frustrating when browsing through albums for many pages, click the go back and be returned to the very first page instead of the previous page of albums.