iPhone side menu item positions feedback

This is just general feedback on something that has always bugged me a little bit :slight_smile:

Whenever I first use the side menu on iOS phone devices, the entry I want to nearly always get at is my albums, with my tags possibly being my other common choice along with internet radio.

I accept maybe I am not using Roon right in that maybe I am not using tags heavily enough.

However, Albums is always buried behind the need to tap on ‘More…’.

For the way I tend to use Roon, I think I would prefer that albums was higher up in the list. On my iPhone XS, then having tapped on more, the screen is high enough such that ‘Albums’ is now visible. On my iPhone 6 this is not the case.

Does Roon collect information on how users tend to navigate these menus? Am I an outlier in this?

It’s a pita yes…for mobiles the screen menu choices are not always ideal. Maybe needs a feature request to have some remote common actions learning for list orders.

Part of me agrees, but I think I know what Brian may think of that - quite rightly he is neither a fan of superfluous options and seems to subscribe strongly with the view expressed in most style guides that menu items should never move :slight_smile:

I therefore think that if this menu was ever re-evaluated, then it would probably need to just be re-organised into a new static menu.

Just poking around these menus via 3 different versions of them (iPhone, PC App/iPad and node-roon-browse-api for a web UI I have been writing for Deep Harmony), I also note that in all 3 cases the menus are very different. I think I might prefer the PC desktop App/iPad version of the menu out of the variants that exist and prefer the same menu layout on all UI variants.

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I agree. Not unless there is a darn good reason. One of which, of course, is that the option should never have been there in the first place. :astonished: