iPhone X and AptX?

Does the new iPhone X use AptX?

Apple seems very vague about AptX support. Can anyone point me to evidence that it supports AptX?

It does not – AAC all the way. Not that it matters much – aptX is lossy as well. Just choose your headphones wisely.

Darko did a nice write-up yesterday:


Thank you for this article.

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Still hoping that in the near future, Apple will convert and support AptX, just having burnt in my B&W PX.

Funny, I read that article a few hours ago and decided to order a Sony WH-1000XM2 headphone through Cool Blue.
It will be delivered tomorrow. I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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I read the article, came back and searched on 1000X and found your reply! :grinning:

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They just delivered my new headphones. Now I have to get used to them and try them out.


The Sony 1000mk2 supports aptX, aptX-HD, AAC, and LDAC. The latter is a high res bluetooth protocol (24bit/96KHz) supported by Sony DAPs. I have an iPhone X, iPad, and a Sony ZX-2 and these headphones are THE headphones to have. I actually own v1 of these, they are amazing. V2 are slightly better.


Has anyone seen (or have) the gold in person? I can’t tell if it looks premium or more cheap plastic look?

You can always have it bedazzled sweetie… :slight_smile:

I had no idea there was a gold version.


Gold is the new black. Then I’ll engrave a bitcoin logo on the side!

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here’s where i saw the gold…

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Ha yes. Looked on Amazon. I have seen them, they have a similar finish/tone to the Beats gold. It’s ok but for this headphone I think the black looks and feels very luxurious and that’s what I would get.

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I got the gold yesterday and it looks really nice in person. I have black coming too, but I think I will return it w/o opening it. It is one of those boxes that you have to practically shred to open.

So far, the headphones are amazing! I have not had noise canceling in a long time and the flexibility and sound quality have improved tremendously.

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How can I tell if my iPhone 6s is using AAC codec over Bluetooth vs lesser SBC?

Streaming Tidal thru Roon to iPhone.

Would using wire for phones be much better than AAC or pretty close?


You can see that in the app. The app is only active if you use a bluetooth connection.



Perfect, I totally missed that!

Have been enjoying the Sony although not enough time!

Do you ever use the surround modes? Typically I am against but trying out “Club”

@Chris_Kimmelshue, building on what @RBM explained above:

You could also look for portable Bluetooth receivers that include AAC functionality, and then use that as your endpoint, with any wired headphones. I personally settled on the Fiio Q5, paired with CIEMs, but there are a few similar devices available at the moment. Off the top of my head:

  • Fiio Q5
  • Mytek Clef (preorder, I believe)
  • CEntrance BlueDAC