iPhone X drops connection

The connection to Roon is very inconsistent with my iPhone X. I also use an iPad and another iPhone to control Roon and the problem isn’t nearly as prevalent.

This issues comes up almost 50% of the time I use Roon on my iPhone X and I get a “LOST CONNECTION!” screen. If I reboot my phone, it connects. I am not having any issues with any other wifi based app on this phone.

Rebooting my phone is not an acceptable work around. If I get a phone call or need to pause Roon for another reason, I don’t want to reboot my phone to get this app to work. I have upgraded Roon and my phone iOX, still happening…

ARRRGGGG - so frustrating.

Hello @Robelinks,

Please describe your network configuration/topology being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing. Are you using any devices such as WiFi network extenders?


Hi John,

I have a NAS serving a Dell Windows 10 PC that is connected to a Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8300 router/WiFi.

I can access Roon from the same spot anywhere in my house using an iPhone 4 or and iPad Air, but not my iPhone X.

Thank you

This happens all the time on my iOS devices.

Instead of rebooting the phone, you can force quit Roon. Once it relaunches, it reconnects.

I don’t have the Roon source code (obviously!) but I’d bet the OS closes down the socket/connection to the server, and it needs to be health checked and potentially reset when the Roon application is reactivated. iOS is extremely aggressive about power management, and shuts down resources to backgrounded applications to extend battery life.

Thank you for the idea Steve. This is an easier work around and for some reason, Roon isn’t dropping as much, but it still does - on occasion.

I hope they can fix this bug. It makes me want to look for a Roon replacement.

I have the same issue and use the same workaround.

I’m having a similar issue, in fact it’s now gotten to the point where my Roon remote connection both on my iPhone 8 and my iPad Air 2 are virtually unusable.

Every few seconds it’s “Lost Connection” or it shuts down and tries to reconnect but never does, and I have to restart the application. It’s incredibly frustrating when trying to browse music or it just disappears while you’re trying to choose a track or read about the artist.

My other apps are ok. I work in IT, so I know not to point fingers and automatically assign blame to Roon. I’m just adding my 2 cents. I’ve recently replaced my wireless network routers with Eero, but it was the same prior to that.