iPhone X - remove home bar

Would it be possible to remove home bar? I found some info for developers to do so. Think most people who use roon would know how to get back home without bar and game apps remove it.


I found a temporary way for users to view without home bar and the Roon app looks much better.

I’ve added this to the next build (no schedule for that build to get to stable yet).

Unfortunately, iOS takes my “hint” into account, but it is no guarantee that the indicator will be hidden.

The home indicator will hide only after a couple of seconds, but it will reappear as soon as the user touches the screen.

Thanks. Maybe this is code for how videos works.

I found this article but it’s over my head but might have info on how to keep hidden:

It does not.

The first part is about hiding it from app startup (the Roon situation).

The second part is about hiding it later on – like a video app might want it on during browsing but off when you watch video.

The third is what if you have a game, and they are saying ‘tough, except we can allow for single swipe to not go home’. That is not what we want in Roon.

The thing I did is the best Apple will allow. I agree it is lame. Welcome to the walled garden.

Here’s a video that gives a quick and easy way to hide & disable the home bar while you’re in an app (no jailbreaking needed)