IQAudIO boards and DSD...doesnt seem to work even tho it indicates as supported to DSD128

@spockfish @Gordon_Garrity Seems that while it indicates support for DSD64/128 it won’t make any sound… PCM up to 384K seems to be OK. This is up sampling in Roon DSP. Same thin happens for DACPRO, DigiAMP+

IQAudio PiDACs and the likes use a PCM5122 chipset that does not support DSD. When using the 384kHz driver, Roon shows DSD64/128 in green since that’s the bandwidth needed to send DSD over PCM (DoP) – but there’s no way for Roon to verify that the DAC/chipset actually supports DSD.

In this case, it doesn’t.

Ah OK … well there goes that great idea. Might have to just use the 384K then

DSD is never a great idea… :wink:


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Exactly the same situation with some Asus Xonar cards, the actual chip can do DSD, but the supporting chipset cannot.

Any other choices for DAC HATs that support DSD…in case others are in a similar predicament.

I have got an Allo Piano 2.1 (that needs to be RMA’d) so not sure if that would work either :blush:

Edit looks like NOT :frowning:

The Piano DACs are PCM DACs as well… I believe the Audiophonics I-Sabre DAC HATs do DSD up to 128.

Sorry, no native DSD support on our boards. DSD64 over PCM (DoP) should work though.

Thanks Gordon…I’ll give it another try…but I was trying dsp upsampling…I’ll try some native content and see if that’s any better…at 64 at most.

I had thought in these situations, Roon used yellow to indicate that bandwidth was sufficient, but transcoding would be performed. Perhaps I’m only remembering older versions?