IQaudIO Pi-Digi+ or alternative?

I’m about to pull the plug on the IQaudIO Pi-Digi+ bundle. I’m connecting it to my Hegel H360 (and the H590 as soon as they become available) through USB or coax. There’s a myriad of threads on these bundles, and frankly I’m finding it a bit daunting.

I’m currently using my old laptop running CORE and OUTPUT, USB to the built-in DAC of the H360.

The plan is to run CORE on a powerful computer elsewhere, and use the Digi+ as the bridge.

Will the Digi+ support 24/192, DSD and other high-res formats?

What powersupply should I get for the Digi+? I assume the standard $5 PSU doesn’t cut it as an audiophile solution.

And finally, am i on the right track for a cheap alternative to something like the Pro-Ject Stream Box and such products?

I’m a bit envious, I loved the sound of the H360 when I heard it :grinning:

The Digi+ will do what you want, not sure about DSD though, maybe DSD over PCM? Hopefully others can clarify. Also worth looking at the well respected Allo Digione and new Digione Signature discussed on this forum.

I use an ifi IPower with the Pi-DAC+ and gained a small but worthwhile improvement (though I didn’t like this psu on a different DAC). Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is probably to experiment in your own setup.

I own an H360. Its built-in DAC is quite good, although not as good as the best external DACs. My current configuration is Auralic Aries Femto>AES3>Schiit Yggdrasil A2>XLR>H360. It looks like you need to use the H360 USB input to do DSD. If I were be using USB, I’d go for a better quality USB source like an Allo USBridge or the higher-priced Sonore or SOtM offerings. But all my content is PCM, and I try to avoid USB as much as possible. The H360 has an S/PDIF coax digital input that would be good for hi-res PCM, as for example what an Allo DigiOne would supply.