IQaudio RC5 Image Questions


Wondering if anyone can help me understand the different between the IQaudio image and the image I would create using Rene’s guide? The reason I ask is because I have two Pi3’s with pi-dac+'s and one pi 3 connected to an external dac. Using just the two IQaudio pi’s as a group they work great. As soon as I had the external dac problems start. Audio syncing goes out frequently and songs won’t fully play. Even if it’s one iqaudio pi and external pi. If I run just the external pi it works wells.

The usb audio doesn’t work on the RC5 image. Is there a setting a can change to allow it? Would like to see if maybe it’s something in my raspbian lite image I’m doing wrong.


René’s guide is for setting up RoonBridge on an RPi. RoonBridge is a general-purpose package built by Roon Labs for a wide range of hardware, whereas the IQaudIO RC5 image is a RoonReady image, built by IQaudIO, certified by Roon Labs, and the package is tailored for IQaudIO’s hardware. That’s why it doesn’t support the USB audio.

Thanks Geoff. Figured but wanted to check.