IR remote for OSX

I’d like to use a programmable infrared remote to pause/play Roon on my Mac, and also to control the volume on my Topping DX3pro. Any suggestions for products?

Yep, grab a harmony remote and install the deep harmony extension in Roon and you can do all that and more.

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Thanks for the suggestion. There are a variety of Harmony remotes with a range of features. It’s not clear to me which remote is capable of interfacing with OS X. Can you please say which?

The Deep Harmony extension will handle the link between Roon and any hub based Harmony remote you buy. Direct IR control of Roon through Mac OS is possible but requires a lot of fiddling, extra software and lots of failure points. The Deep Harmony extension is a small program that sits and listens for IR commands that the Harmony hub receives and translates them to Roon commands, plus a lot of other functions. The learning curve is not shallow, but not insurmountable with a bit of patience.

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