Iron Maiden new single

The new single “The Writing on the wall” is on Qobuz but not here to be found on Roon. Is this a sync issue?

same here…

I suspect not an issue in that something is broken, but there is a degree of latency (a few days) before new releases on Qobuz (and Tidal) appear on Roon.

One thing you could try is to favourite in Qobuz, then as soon a Roon DB has been updated you will see it in your Roon library.

I tend to use Qobuz app and heart what I want there( new releases only so usually Friday), then force a Qobuz sync back in Roon.
Usually works…

@zenyatta80 @Ali_Shafai This should now be available for streaming in all Qobuz regions. Apologies for the late arrival of this one. We encountered repeated failures when downloading Qobuz metadata from their servers this week.


Hi @joel,
That’s the update, though I’m not seeing it yet.
I have forced a Qobuz sync, but it’s still absent in Search and Discography.
I’ll check again latter.

That will be because search hasn’t been re-indexed yet and Discography is almost certainly cached.

I also had a pretty weird interaction with the new single today. I was able to find The Writing on the Wall through Roon but couldn’t actually play it (song not available error).

However, the issue fixed itself after I closed Roon, liked the song through Audirvana and the tried playing the liked song through Roon.