Is a unit of music already in the queue?

I tend to throw new music I discover on Qobuz into the queue for eventual listening. It may be weeks before I finally listen to it. Sometimes I rearrange the queue a bit depending on my mood today, and it could be 2-3 months between putting something on the queue and having it play.

I tend to forget what I’ve queued up.

So, my question is, when I’m looking at a track or a piece of music in the library, is there any clear indication of whether it’s already in the queue?


No, I don’t believe there is. However, as it takes you so long to get round to listening to the queue, perhaps using playlists would be a better way forward. Set up one playlist per month with date in the title?
Tracks added to a playlist are listed as such in album view. Well, they certainly are for local tracks. You will need to add streamed tracks to your library to get them to show up as included in playlists.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.