Is Airplay 2 on the roadmap? [available since Roon 2.0 (build 1432)]

…please advise if Airplay 2 is on the roadmap?


Probably but why does it matter if your using Roon? It brings no advantages as you get airplay multiroom with Roon already. What else does airplay 2 bring to Roon?

For 1st generation Naim Mu-so / Mu-so QB users it might solve a crippling issue with volume control: currently selecting the Mu-so as Roon endpoint using Airplay often initiates playback at maximum volume, regardless of settings.

A rather specific scenario, but one that desperately requires a solution.

I imagine that other reasons exist too.


I was under the impression that issue was firmly in Naims court not Roon. But agree it needs sorting which ever party is to blame.

I don’t think it’s exactly the same. I have a pair of HomePods [stereo-paired] that don’t sounds quite right when streaming from Roon. Specifically, stereo separation is definitely off as compared to streaming via my iPhone from the Tidal app directly to the speakers.

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Thats the the one thing I forgot that you do need Airplay 2 for.

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Yes Airplay 2 for Stereo HomePods


Bumping this one. Would love to be able to enjoy my homepods in stereo. Any update?


That would be really great

  1. to get my HomePods via Apple TV working
  2. to use my HomePods in Stereo mode

Airplay 2 support would be great!


This is now available:

(And I had some time and edited the title)