Is Anyone Else Concerned


Maybe it’s because the rate of subscription is increasing thus statistically more peeps having initial teething problems.

(John B) #22

videos, videos, all the way.
more graphical representations of core, endpoint etc.
a Roon for dummies option on the KB

  • an now an off the wall suggestion - mentoring - if a prospective roonie from Dublin or Ireland was having issues, I wouldn’t mind helping out. So a one to one email conversation could be organised which would be less off putting than full forum support and might free up support from some very simple issues.

so when someone signed in from Ireland :shamrock: they would be given a list of mentors that could help them with initial setup and send them on to full support as necessary.

  • I see no reason why this should be limited to Ireland obviously :wink:

(JohnV) #23

That silent majority is a spooky bunch, what.

(Ged) #24

Apparently a happy majority.

(JohnV) #25

Yes! And that was the crux of my thought. I would certainly classify myself as being “satisficed”, and for many/most functions, satisfied. And, without much fuss or fanfare, Roon’s making and launching metadata improvements as we write. So things are looking up.

Besides, I’m a “glass-is-half-full” kinda guy…for the last 18 days anyway.

(Dick Vliek) #26

Sure they do. My point was that we, users, cannot draw any conclusions, only speculations.

(Robert ) #27

Catering to the semi-stupid and lazy? It’s not that hard to figure out…


Yes, it is hard for a ‘newbie’ to dip their toes in. I believe new users should be guided towards a pre-built core-nucleus/ROCK/ with a screen and a interconnect to a DAC and a ethernet cable to plug into their network.

I think networking , control apps and endpoint setup is a bit much to start with.

(Geoff Coupe) #30

Probably so, but I would have thought that most people (unless they buy a Nucleus) trial the all-in-one configuration first? I certainly did, and it was the Roon UI that first got me hooked. Then I branched out into networked endpoints.

(Tony) #31

Great idea but the problem with this is realistically, who has the time to spare and the required expertise across Macs, PCs, ROCK & MOCK, iphone, ipad & Android Chromecast and networking? Now that Roon is heading towards 100k members (which is nearly double from when I last saw a figure given) expansion of Roon support staff if the most viable way forward. I notice that they did this over a year or so ago so perhaps time to recruit again?

The forum could also have a new section ‘Getting Started - New To Roon’ or similar at the top of the page for those just getting started to post in. This would free up the main Support and Roon Software sections.


Yeah, I was pretty one dimensional on approaching Roon.

I know that if someone gets this immediately:

one should without hesitation suggest a build your own core. :sunglasses:

(simon arnold) #33

Yep as the profile of Roon gets bigger we’ll see more of this. I have to say that the website is not great at laying out what Roon really is, needs and what it can’t do e.g not being UPnP compatible for one. I know it’s not the best thing to say what you don’t support but a lot come here asking why it wont see their device and it’s because it’s UPnP.
Also networking issues seem to be the largest part of the issue especially now Mesh is picking up. Networking is a dark art to some and as Roons discovery is not always stellar over different network setups this is going to continue to happen.

The website is not great for finding solutions either for novices you have to dive in deep to find what you want.

Also the Nucleus is sold as a plug n play solution to Roon. In reality it’s not even more so now the XMOS issue has raised its ugly head.

(Ged) #34

We need some Basic, Really Basic videos.

(Geoff Coupe) #35

Networking is a dark art, period. :grin:

(simon arnold) #36

Very true.

(Tony) #37

I read recently that Microsoft may be reintroducing their Compatibility Checker tool. This used to come with previous versions of Windows to see if all your hardware was compatible with an upgrade to the next version of Windows. It is a big ask for the devs to write something similar for Roon, but given the issue people seem to be having with IGMP/mesh and other interesting network issues, some sort of basic tool ‘Health Checker’ might be useful as an aid to diagnostics. I have always thought that some of Roon’s error messages (an audio file is loading slowly…) are somewhat less than helpful. This type of diagnostic tool may be able to shed some light for both the user and the support team and suggest next steps to take. It could start small and add features as they are developed or required, so would not necessarily take up a huge amount of dev time initially (though I appreciate they will be busy all the time anyway so it is a question of priorities).

(Bill Wolff) #42

A series of YouTube type videos would help new users and work well as a sales tool. The company should hire a young intern and make this a summer project. We can vote on which titles to prioritize. They could also do video interviews of top ROON personalities!

ROON is excellent for seasoned audiophiles but also has a place in the general home automation marketplace. Many of the discussions on this forum apply to edge cases where audiophiles are trying to squeeze the absolute best sound out of their equipment investments. Nothing wrong with that but there are lots more folks that want to take a step beyond Spotify and AirPlay with their house full of audio assistants and wireless speakers.

Home network and routing are constantly improving so bandwidth should not be an issue for most new users. Internet bandwidth is getting faster and cheaper which makes services like Tidal and Quobuz very attractive. I personally have FIOS Gigabit with dozens of wired and wireless devices. I use Tidal for most playback and don’t see any advantages to purchasing or collecting lossless files on local storage. This is certainly the trend of the Netflix generation.

Since I do computer work for a living I also have a few Windows desktops sitting idle. I installed ROON on all of them in one afternoon and connectivity was painless. One of them is the core and when monitored during heavy use it rarely uses more than a few percent of processor and even less memory. I really don’t see the need for dedicated hardware to run this. On an old Windows 10 Intel i7 with 16 Gb I average about 3% CPU, 500 Mb, .1 Mbs disk, .8 Mbps network, and 18% GPU. CPU jumps a bit as each song is downloaded from Tidal. This implies that a short video on how to add ROON to your family desktop computer would help tremendously.

I use a mix of Insteon, Alexa, and Google Home for home automation. The addition of Chromecast as a ROON endpoint is very convenient and easy for a novice to setup. I have 7 Chromecast devices that appear on ROON settings (they are also used for general video casting). I would make some simple changes to the UI to make these devices easier to discover (when I open Home Assistant on a phone of Chromebook, new devices appear front and center). I would also recommend that full integration with Home Assistant happen soon. This will drive ROON sales since Google has 100 million plus users now. I don’t know how difficult Alexa integration would be but that is another 100 million or so users. In any case, videos on Home Assistant integration would really help ROON adoption.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #43

How about Roon has a contest for forum users to post the best “how to” videos, and then a vote of the forum for winners on each topic? Winner gets some free licenses…

(Andrew J Shepherd) #44

Music Has The Right To Children.

But do children have the right to music?