Is anyone using Roon with the new Sonos AMp?

Is anyone using it and does it connect?

I am and it works great. I really like the Sonos Amp.

I just upgraded from a Connect:Amp to a new Amp yesterday. Roon has worked flawlessly with both.

Sonos still only supports PCM up to 16/48, but Roon allows me to stream my hi-res PCM and DSD to my Sonos devices by converting on the fly, and it sounds great.

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Can you give an update? I just borrowed a Sonos amp to see how it fits in with my auralic setup end point in my listening room. I want to eventually replace my 16 channel amp that runs my ceiling speakers in 6 zones with the Sonos amps. Is Sonos grouped to other Roon end points via AirPlay2?

You can only group Sonos devices with other Sonos devices if using Roons Sonos integration. Or if they show as airplay you can group with other airplay devices. Roon does not support airplay 2.

Which is a bummer since I am a heavy user of Airplay 2 with Sonos and other devices. I wonder what is taking Roon so long to support it.

Because it costs to get airplay2 certification and there are more hoops to jump through that the larger companies can soak up that would likely impact on Roon. Until it’s fully reverse engineered and open sourced I doubt you will see it in Roon or many other software applications as you will notice most audio playing software does not support it.

Huh? Every streaming service supports Airplay 2 and a ton of devices and more all the time. Cost is negligible at best. This can’t be the reason why Roon doesn’t support it. Apple provide very clear documentation for implementing Airplay 2.

That’s not the point to get airplay 2 certification you have to jump through hoops. Apple have put a lot of restrictions in getting it and it has a license cost. Do you see any other music software that supports airplay 2 other than apples own? No.if it was that easy without breaking your own stuff they would have done it. Why does Roon need to rush it has its own multiroom system why use airplay 2 only to join airpods together in a stereo pair. As soon as it’s fully reversed engineered and open source it will happen. Standard Airplay support in Roon is not official either but uses open source reversed engineered libraries.

You haven’t made a single valid point.
Airplay 2 certification couldn’t be easier and licensing cost is negligible as I said. Apple makes it quite easy which is probably why so many devices support it but that’s also because their customers want it. I cannot imagine it is beyonds Roon’s capability to do what so many others have done.
Plenty of other Software supports Airplay 2 including Sonos, Pandora, and many others.That’s not even a question so I have no idea why you are saying that either.
I assume you mean stereo paired HomePods but don’t get how you relate Roon and Airplay 2 to that.