Is BBC Radio 3 working?

Is BBC Radio 3 working? When I try in Live Radio, I get “unable to play this station.” Is this perhaps a georestriction (I’m in the US)?

I am on the West Coast of the US. it is working for me.
London, UK, 91.3 FM just to be sure.

I am in the middle north of the US and it works here also.

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Does anyone know the URL for BBC Radio 3?


This one also works for me:

This one is restricted to the UK:

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Hello @James_Antognini , were you using Roon’s database version? That should only show non-UK streams for you anyway. Are things working now?

I was using the “built-in” version. Then I edited it to use a URL. Then I deleted it. How do I get back the “built-in” version? (I’ve already tried to manually add a station via the 3 URLs given above: Each produced a failure to find a station.)

I resorted to a database backup from 2 days ago. But I still am getting the error that the BBC Radio 3 station cannot be started.

I’m seeing this warning in Roon:

That implies you are having trouble reaching Roon’s cloud servers and could well explain why you can’t play Roon radio (and I would have expected you can’t play other stations or streaming services).

This KB article may help, but the first step is to reboot everything.

(PS to remove a station from your my live radio, select the 3 dots under the station name and then remove from library)

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I changed the DNS servers for the Roon system to and (Google), because I’ve had luck with those on my main desktop. I rebooted. The red exclamation point disappeared.

I have had success in adding to My Live Radio stations with (thanks. bearFNF).

But still no BBC Radio 3, According to Updated list of BBC network radio URLs | Blog My Wiki! (, the BBC has stopped streaming through that. Following the trail of bread crumbs from that source, I have succeeded in adding (although I had to change the default stream to that URL; until I did so, the default was the URL from bearFNF).

All this is incredibly puzzling.

[Updated second IP address for valid Google DNS IP.]

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It certainly is. Where did you get that old, out-of-date … stream from? It’s not in our database. Did you not search for BBC Radio 3 with the magnifying glass and add the station? There should be no need to add streams yourself for this station. You will then see (but without the high quality stream)

Aside from that, well done on solving the DNS issue.

I don’t recall whether I added that out-of-date URL. Probably I did do so.

What’s the “high-quality stream”? What you have as Default stream? Using browser magnification, I see that it appears limited to the UK. Is that so? If it is not, how do I get it?

See my post above for the high-quality stream. I can’t verify it works as it is restricted to UK.

It’s a UK only stream that appears automatically in Roon radio for UK based listeners - and automatically hidden for non-uk people. The BBC restrict it so you can’t listen to it anyway if you try and add it yourself.

The point of my post above is that you generally don’t need to add streams to Roon’s radio stations - we have already added them if you use our database version of the station.