Is DSD upsampling taking place?

Hi, I am streaming Tidal from a MacBook Air (2013)(MAC OS High Sierra)(1.3 GHz, 4GB RAM) as Roon Core to a Chord Mojo DAC.

Based on the screenshots above, please let me know have successfully activated Roon’s DSD upsamplinh feature? The reason I am asking is because DSD does not appear in the Roon Signal Path graphic, and my Chord Mojo sample rate indicator ball still remains red in colour (meaning its still receiving 44.1khz).

Thank you.

No, not upsampling.

Look in upper left hand corner. DSP is disabled.

I fell into a similar trap, once.

P.S. don’t forget to apply changes. :grinning:


and Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator is a must to have on as well for the record or you will get stuttering unless your CPU is insane overclocked

@danny, would the resolution indicators that were removed, for some reason, in V1.5 have made the OP’s problem any clearer?

No matter. Please restore indicators in some future release.

@xxx, I’m not sure which indicators you speak of, but let’s take that to another feature request topic.

Signal path shows what is happening to the signal before it is sent to your Mojo. If you don’t see DSD content or DSD upsampling there, there’s not going to be DSD output.

Yeah, I mean the resolution indicators that were in the device screen (I think) that were in green if available or yellow or red, otherwise.

Their re-installment has already been asked for, by other people in other places. Just trying to re-make the point, here. No mind, never matter.


I was referring to the indicator light on the power ball on the Chord mojo itself, which changes colour according to the type of signal. For example, red ball means 44.1khz and white means DSD is being received by the mojo. Since I have enabled DSP and DSD in Roon, the ball now turns white. Thank you!