Is DSP a worsening Sound?

When I use the DSP volume control, the quality is not lossless for me, but only of high quality.
is DSP a worsening sound?

Have a look at @DrCWO 's excellent post linking to measurements he’d done to find out about it.

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Not necessarily, but as soon as you make any changes in DSP it’s no longer a bit perfect stream, hence the change from lossless to high quality. It’s nothing to worry about.


Does it sound worse to you? If yes, don’t use, if not, don’t think about it ever again and just use it. It’s your own ears. You are the one that knows what what sounds best to you because you are the one in front of your system, not us. We can not possibly tell you without hearing it. If you hear no changes then there is nothing wrong with you. No changes, no worries and just let it go. Don’t become an audiophile nervosa, you’ll end up not being able to enjoy music anymore, it’s a serious condition.