Is http post possible?

(Eric Hines) #1

I’d like to use Roon at our community radio station, but I’d also like to be able to post “Now playing” metadata to our playlisting service automatically through an http post

(Roon would create a URL containing basic metadata that would be read by the playlisting service and added to our playlists. blah blah)

Is it possible to initiate this kind of http post in Roon?


(Adam Goodfellow) #2

You can subscribe to zone change (change of track) and do whatever you need with the available metadata - including posting somewhere for real time display purposes.

I suggest having a look at Roon SDK samples at You should also be familiar with the basics of writing a node.js app - there are plenty of ‘getting started’ guides around.

For metadata, you will want to use the roon-api-transport service ( and subscribe to zone change.