Is it intended that My Library tab at the bottom of an album page only shows subset of albums in library?

For instance, but this happens elsewhere as well for artists with many albums in my library:

I have 32 main albums by Giant Sand in my library:

If I go to any of these albums and scroll down, there is the section where it shows other albums by this artist, with Selected Discography and My Library tabs. Going to My Library:

Using the arrows, I can chronologically scroll through 3 pages of 5 albums each, i.e. 15 albums, although there are 32 in the library. There are no chronological gaps.

Going to the Selected Discography tab, which has 5 pages. the first 4 have 5 albums each, the last one has 4 and a link to View Discography. I.e, 24 albums. They also chronologically sorted but now with chronological gaps, and partially the same as in the My Library tab.

Doesn’t seem to make sense that My Library shows less than Selected Discography. I would expect that Selected Discography shows, well, selected ones (by play count or whatever criteria) and in the My Library tab I can scroll through all of them.

I do not find the described section.
Correct me if wrong. I go to an artist, select discography, click the blue “in my library” circle, scroll all the way down.

No, I meant go to an album and scroll down beyond the tracks. Then there is the section where you see other albums by the same artist

My first screenshot with the Discography and the blue “In my Library” button is just to show that I have 32 albums by them in the library.

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Now I fully got you. I’m using Fazil Say. With the Chopin Nocturnes album. 2 pages “My library” chronologically sorted, 6 pages “Selected Discography” also chronologically sorted and containing some of the albums already in library. Makes sense to have the “Selected”, well selected… Or to have options

Thanks, so same as for me. Makes no sense to me :slight_smile:

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