Is it just me or is the forum website much slower now?

Like the subject says.

There were a few times around the 1.8 launch when I got server errors from the nginx plugin. Once it came back, it seems much slower than it used to be.


Yes, wickedly slower and has been since 1.8’s release.


Can we add that to the list of complaints about 1.8? :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. Have also just posted about the slow down in metadata loading also. I’m assuming it’s a server issue.

The forum runs on the same server as the product backend? That seems like an odd architectural decision.

I wouldn’t have thought it’s the same server. Different servers but same problems maybe?

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Yep, slower here as well.

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No doubt that these forums have been receiving a huge increase in traffic since the 1.8 release. All signs of great success (even if a non-trivial # of posts are somewhat less than congratulatory).

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Forum has seen a significant up spike in traffic. Ther has also been some backend issues that perhaps slowed things down too. Even tidal had a worldwide outage just after 1.8 released which didn’t help matters.

Communist and backend systems are different platforms but the increases in traffic to both are something that’s no doubt caught roon off guard perhaps. The forum literally ground to a halt with more than 500% increase in traffic I think Mike noted. Lucky for me that was just as I was turning in for the night - as I’m in the Asian time zone.

Is it the increase in work from home putting more strain on local bandwidth ?

Seems Google also experienced some outages shortly after 1.8 was released. She perfect confluence of issues to accompany a highly anticipated launch

i agree… the website is slower…

Only when you are there, the minute you go it’s fast again :wink: