Is it me or does Roon degrade sound

It is discussed in much the same way on other forums. For everyone that claims degredation there are matching posts to claim not. It is clearly system and user dependent.

Volume has a huge influence on our perception. Louder is always perceived as better, even if it’s just a tiny bit. A difference of 0.1 dB may not be recognized as a volume difference, but perceived as a quality difference. Therefore “close” is not good enough if you want to make such comparisons.

Now, I don’t know about the Linn. It’s possible that both pathways have the same volume, but it doesn’t have to be like that. And like I wrote above, I didn’t measure my NDX2 but also wanted to compare the Roon and Naim streaming and came away convinced that the Naim version simply runs a tiny bit louder. And Naim makes no secret about the fact that they use DSP, so volume differences can’t even be excluded for the digital domain. Anyway, a short press up on the remote when listening to Roon and all differences, real or imagined, evaporated.

To be sure about this, it would be necessary to measure the volume with a mic and to match them for a blind comparison, but as I don’t hear a difference in practice and because there is no rational reason why Roon should be worse in a meaningful way, I can’t be bothered. And now that I have started to run Roon with DSP convolution filters created by measuring the room, this further increased the quality a lot, anyway


Because the human brain evolved to find differences and patterns and invents them when there are none. And then audiophiles believe their ears to be objective instruments, so they blame this on the outside world. It’s just like seeing Jesus in spilled coffee if you look for it long enough.


For a moment I misread your post as “I trust my wifes”.
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I don’t hear a difference when playing music through either Roon or my Cambridge CXNv2’s own StreamMagic app.

Same goes when using Tidal or Qobuz apps on my iPad or iPhone compared to Roon.

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The 159s with XVX and their Subsonics


In all honesty, with a system such as yours I’m surprised you aren’t just listening to vinyl and other physical media.

Thanks for sharing :+1:

I’ve been pondering this for 14 hours but still don’t get it (neither with 7 characters) :slight_smile: Can someone help me?

Well… great point. Before I got the 159s, I was 90% vinyl. Now the streaming sounds pretty close. Most folks wouldn’t know the difference.

With the 159s streaming is really a joy to hear. That’s when I started playing with the different sources and started noticing what I thought was a difference b/n the LINN and Roon.

After this thread, which I so appreciate, I need to bring over a few from my listening group and do a blind test with them at different volumes. I am leaving the country for a couple months Wednesday so I can’t do this until June.

When I do, I will report back. I honestly do know what to expect.

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Happy to borrow your system :pray:

I’m more impressed by @mikeb’s reply which is apparently only one character.


All I can think of is
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Love it. If you’re ever in the Bay Area. LMK.

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