Is it possible to add Ici Musique Classique please

Here is the link to Ici Musique Classique

There is also a link to regular musique Ici Musique

They are located in Quebec, Canada


Hello @Mario_Poirier and welcome to Live Radio.

I have added Ici Musique Classique for you. Please check if OK.

ICI Musique is already there.

Easiest way to find them is to use the magnifying glass, top right.

Thank you Biran. ICI Première is also in the database, apparently as a duplicate

As none of these stations carries metadata, I’ve put it on the do list for Roon METADATA SERVICE (ICI Première, ICI Musique, ICI Musique Classique).
API seems to be

It’s working perfectly Brain, thanks

The trouble with duplicates is you don’t know if either one is being used by someone, so you can’t merge…

Anyway, one of the streams of one of the stations was out of date, so I’ve updated things - both stations now have same streams.

That API points to the whole schedule - good luck with that!
There doesn‚Äôt seem to be a ‚Äėnow playing‚Äô link.

FYI I implemented metadata collector for them - see my plugin list in LMS (not RNP but a specific one for that broadcaster).

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Metadata added for ICI Première, ICI Musique, ICI Musique Classique

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