Is it possible to block an artist?

Hi, is there any way to block [modded] artist rod stewart from roon so that his music is never ever played?

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You can block an artist by viewing Rod Stewart’s Artist Page and click the Favorite button twice to Block. You would see this icon.

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I don’t think that blocking or banning (same thing) an artist works in all cases. Previously, banned artists would still show up in Roon Radio selections, which is exactly where you don’t want them. I haven’t experienced this recently because I don’t routinely ban artists.

However, a much more useful function would be the ability to upload a text file of artists to be banned (a blacklist) that don’t appear under any circumstances (Roon Playlists, Discover, Roon Radio, Daily Mixes etc). The list (Don’t Playlist!) could be edited within Roon once uploaded (and pasted in initially).

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Hi Greg - do you know if there’s a way to do this for artists which are not in your library?

Seems that you can only do this with artists within your library - which seems counterintuitive :grimacing:


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I would very much like this. So sick of ed sheeran coming on… and its def counter intuitive to bloody add him to my library… LoL

Was there ever a solution?

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