Is it possible to bring the update back to the previous version 1.6?

I’m facing some serious audio quality issue with the last update to 1.7 … it seems that I’m alone (but I remember I’ve seen some other users claiming something similar), I’ve opened a ticket in the support section, hoping they will be able to suggest me possible solutions, I will apply the very last build 505 this evening (hoping will do something good… but from from the description of the bug-fixes it doesn’t seems so)

in the meantime I’m wondering if there is the possibility to bring the update back to the previous version 1.6, that was perfect for my use and gave me good audio quality and perfect reliability, disabling then future update while keeping fully functionality

any suggestion/opinion about it?

No you can’t.

and what about if I install from zero the Roon Rock 1.6 that I should still have in the pc used to prepare the NUC?
because on Sunday when it prompted to update the full system was completely locked… no other way/choise,only update

I do hope support will help me (even if in these last days I think they are quite under pressure) but I could also accept to restart from zero, the important point to me is to have back the right sound quality as at the moment I’m leaving the system off because it is quite unpleasant

Have you re booted you Roon Core after the update is complete?
I had to re boot my Core after the latest patch and that solved a skipping issue.