Is it possible to browse the Qobuz catalog by genre?

As you can via

Closest to that would be the Genres menu at the top right:

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I saw that. But it only covers the items in the categories listed: New Releases, Playlists, etc. And within these you get a couple dozen albums at best.

Also, was wondering if there’s any way to see the history of what you’ve played. That would be helpful in Radio mode in case you’d like to see or find items that piqued your interest, but you didn’t have a chance to respond to at the time you heard it, favorably or otherwise.

@stevebythebay open the queue and scroll up, it’s all here

How far back in time or number of songs is it designed to be capable of displaying?

And any means for downloading for offline playback, other than purchasing?

Take a look at hamburger menu–> History

No, Roon does no transactions to purchase music, they don’t want that to be part of Roon, you need to buy through Qobuz app and download from their.

Perfect! 2 1/2 years…so far

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