Is it possible to connect a Yamaha R-N803D and an Roon Intel NUC with a SPDIF Toslink cable?

My idea is that the Yamaha has its own DAC and I don’t need one more device in my network. But I would like to know if anyone has tried it. Just a SPDIF Toslink cable from the Intel NUC output to the optical port on the Yamaha. is it crazy or can it work?

This willl work running Linux or Windows on that NUC and, of course, if the NUC has a Toslink output. With ROCK I am not so sure, but others may have made this work and may comment.

BTW, if you don’t have a Nucleus, your support topic may be misclassified…

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Thank you for your reply. I am planning to buy a NUC Extreme i9. Naturally, I would install ROCK.

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If it will work you are going to be limited to a max of 24/192 maybe even 24/96 depending on the specs of the nuc and Yamaha DAC.

That leaves a lot of potential on the table.

Even a cheap Topping DAC like the E30 would give you 24/768 or DSD 512 over USB.
Looks like the Yamaha onboard DAC is limited to 24/192 over USB.

So you could use something like the Topping and go into one of the Yamaha analog inputs.

Worth considering IMHO.

It’s a stereo system, with SEAS A26 DIY speakers, I don’t think it will ever use DSD. For me the important thing is that the toslink cable is able to create a “roon tested” between the NUC and the Yamaha. Just send the sound from the Roon server to the Yamaha amp and play the music.

In that case I truly don’t know, hopefully someone who has actually tried it will chime in.

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