Is it possible to convert all the files to CD / FLAC?

I am thinking about choosing for Roon.

I’ve got Lumin D2 and a Rotel amplifier with B&W 700 serie floorstanding speakers.

I like the most CD / FLAC quality. With a higher quality I get problems with too much details for my ears.

Is it possible to convert all the files to CD / FLAC quality?

Or convert Roon to what the best is for Lumin D2, which probably isn’t my personal favourite?

Hi Gerben, welcome! A couple of questions:

  • People usually complain about lack of detail, not too much of it. Can you elaborate on what the problem is?
  • If I understand correctly, you are thinking of converting your high resolution files to CD quality so that the level of detail is reduced. Is that correct?

I think rather than converting your files to a lower resolution, which would be a permanent change you couldn’t undo (unless you also made a backup of the originals) it would be better to use DSP in Roon.
You could set DSP to downsample to 44khz which is CD resolution.

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OK thank you for the suggestion.

And can you also change for instance 24 bit to 16 bit?

OK, thanks.
I don’t have Roon by now, I am just doing some research before choosing for Roon.

The most of my music is CD Flac quality. I don’t know exactly how Roon works, but I am afraid that I lose control and that the Roon system is upsampling my music to higher quality, which I maybe don’t like.

Is it right that Roon can upsample while you’re listening? So just before you are listening, on the fly?

Roon doesn’t upsample unless you tell it to using DSP. You should do a 14 day free trial of Roon, then sign up for monthly until you are sure. Once sure, switch from monthly to annual.

Roon can do that, but only if you set it up to do so. You can tell Roon to play all files at their original resolution.

Yes, but again, only if you configure it that way.

I don’t believe you can change bitrate from 24 to 16 in the DSP settings however you may be able to use Roon’s advanced settings for your device and set it’s maximum capabilities to 16-44 which would cause Roon to downsample your files to that rate.
I haven’t tried this myself but I suspect it will work.

I second the suggestion to use the 14 day trial.
I think you’ll find Roon to have vast customization possibilities should you wish to use them.

It works. I do this for my wireless endpoints to reduce demands on my Wifi. :grinning::+1:

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I don’t think you will get any less detail by downsampling to 16/44.1 Try it in a blind test.


Isn’t it smarter to let Roon convert to 16 bit/44.1kHz without changing the files - it would be the same thing. This can be done in Roon’ DSP section.

What do you gain other than disc space which is cheap anyway.

If you really want to preserve disc space on say an expensive SSD then buy a cheap HDD put your hi res files on it and then convert to CD quality . But really you can use an HDD for content so cost really isn’t an issue.

Is there another reason ?

Thank you.

Can I do a realistic trial of Roon without installing software on my pc?

Because my laptop is always off when I listen music and my Nas has not a sufficient processor.

Therefore I need to buy a separate pc which I place in the same room as my Nas.

Is that rigtht?

OK, that is nice.

Have you tried turning down the treble a notch or two on your amp? You don’t really want to alter the digital files, I would look at you analog path.

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Roon is a local app, so in order to trial it, you need to install it somewhere.

Ok, thank you. Then I will choose for Roon maybe later. I want to dose my investments in audio.

Thank you! It seems to work!

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