Is it possible to filter by tags in Roon?

Hi folks

Is it possible to filter albums in Roon using tags?

For example, Get me all albums with “Label = Sony” or Get me all albulms with “Bootleg = Yes”

Thanks in advance.

Go to “Albums” and use “Focus” to filter. There is an icon “Focus on tags” as well.
Use “My Stuff / Tags” to create your own tags which you can then add to albums you have in your library.

I use tags for the music my daughter adds, to have the possibility to hide her stuff. I therefore invert a tag focus and then her stuff is hidden.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Dirk_De_Taey , @UliR
Thanks for that. But does “Focus” have all tags?

For example I cannot find “Language” in the Focus Options

@navihane you think of track tags, the tags I mean are separate Roon tags. I checked my Focus options, “language” is not there. Sorry.

You cannot filter using id3 tags in the files. Roon has its own filters as part of focus that uses the metadata in your collection that Roon harvests. Not everything you want will be there. However Roon has its own internal tags where you can add what you like to then and then filter for them. These are not added to files as Roon does not modify any metadata.


You can create tags in “my tags”:

Then focus on them by using the “tag” radio button:


Thanks all.
I hope in future Roon will expose all the tags under “Focus”

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