Is it possible to have two different outputs at the same time?

So I’m currently wanting to add a TC Electronics Clarity M Stereo to my listening setup.
I’ve found myself missing the visualiser on the ADI-2 DAC more than I thought I would.

The problem: It has a max sample rate of 96khz. And HQPlayer (which I use for listening) cannot be grouped with other zones in roon.

Is it possible to run two simultaneous HQPlayer instances? So that I can have one outputting 768khz to the DAC, and another 96khz (or just straight passthrough) to the Clarity M?

If you are talking about HQPlayer Embedded, it should be possible to run 2 simultaneous HQPlayer instances. I have asked Jussi that question some time ago, and he confirmed it. This does not mean it would run without any issue from day 1, could and probably is very dependable of the platform your are running HQPlayer embedded upon, and the capabilities (platform and your skills) to eventually execute some modifications.
In the end I did not test it because I lack the knowledge . Please note that you need to buy a seperate HQEmbedded license.

If you are talking about HQPlayer desktop, and you have a license, you can test this rather easy by getting a new trial version. This provides all functionality (except for limitation of 30min), which should be enough to test it out.