Is it possible to name individual CDs in a box set?

Many box sets give each CD a name, but when imported to Roon the name of the CD is replaced with Disc 1, Disc 2 etc. is it possible to override the Roon label of Disc 1/Disc 2 etc and write your own name?

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Its not possible to give names or different covers to each disc. Box set management is the only thing I doesn’t like in Roon. There is no progress since years.

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There’s been many requests about this over the years, as well as requests for better box set handling in general. Keeping my fingers crossed, but they’ve been crossed so long arthritis is setting in…


For this set from Chris Rea, I have used Bookmark.

This gives me each album, individually and all in one place.

So you mean you have retrospectively created a box set from 11 individual albums?

It is a box set called Blue Guitars

I ripped them as individual albums and the grouped with a bookmark and I think I even got them in order.

sorry I am being stupid, but how is it saved as individual albums with pack shots if it is a single box set? My roon will save it all as a box with disc1/2/3/ etc.

I ripped each album separately using the format in the above image… Vol 1 2 3 etc then made a Bookmark Chris Rea Blue Guitars adding the tag to each album.

So when you rip one cd from a box set it finds the cd packshot from that box set? This is weird as when I rip a box set (using dbpoweramp) I rip each individual CD and roon puts them all together into one box set with a box set cover. If I just rip one CD it still knows it is from the box set and gives it the box set cover. How do you rip them individually and make roon think they are all separate albums? And if you do that how do you get eth individual pack shots into roon? It is a great system you have but I cannot see how to do it.

I added the cover myself. I do this by either scanning the CD cover or looking for an image online. Then using that in dbpoweramp.
In Roon, I would have it use the File image.

You are not getting it. Many box sets are made up of individual albums that have their own album titles and album art. @Chrislayeruk is ripping each album as a separate album and using a Bookmark to bring them together as a set.

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Imagine you have the Living Stereo Box Set which is made up of 60 albums from multiple conductors and composers. If you entered them as box set like you do, it would darn near impossible to navigate. I have them as 60 different albums. If I wanted, I could use tags and a Bookmark to bring them together as a set.

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Yes you can do it manually: select single songs of each disc, group them and then edit title and cover. I usually do that.

This is a bit of a messy workaround; I wouldn’t advise that too much time is spent setting this up for all box sets, as improved box set management is probably in the top 3 most requested features, so I suspect Roon will do something good here soon.

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Thats a good point, I only have the one big box set and so the bookmark work around worked very well for me.

It might be a good point…but it is not wise to assume anything in regards to when Roon will actually “fix” the box set “issue”. It just isn’t that hard to add the necessary tags and create the bookmarks. If having your box sets organized as a box set is important to you, waiting for Roon could have you waiting a long time.

Yes, especially since Roon is partly at the mercy of metadata providers. I have a lot of classical box sets and have found the manual workaround (using bookmarks) to be be satisfactory, if not exactly efficient. But it does give me a certain amount of control that even a Roon solution might not. For example, in the large Glenn Gould complete on Columbia box set (which contains the albums as originally released), I was able to add the original recording dates and release dates for each album , which one can’t currently do with disks automatically grouped in sets by Roon. Perhaps Roon will eventually be able to solve this, but as you say, I wouldn’t hold my breath for very long.

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