Is it possible to play music locally on phone?

I’m sure this has been asked and answered a number of times and that the answer is “no,” but is it possible for the core on my pc to send music to my phone so I can listen “remotely” on the same lan? Am I asking if the phone can be set up and chosen as an “end point”? Thanks.

Yes, it should be able to.

I can’t see how it’s done. Could you explain? To be clear, I want to connect headphones to the android device and listen to music streamed by Roon from my pc over the lan.

If you run the roon app on your phone you should just be able to go to Settings, Audio and enable from there.

Thank you. That worked. Not very intuitive though. :slight_smile:

What isn‘t intuitive about enabling an audio device in the audio settings?

Thing is you could be adding it as an end point or as a control point, or adding a local DAC - or any combo. So any automated next steps might be more confusing than letting you decide what to do.

All audio devices need enabling at first use I think? Roon does prompt you to enable an audio device, if you haven’t already.

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