Is it possible to run ROON on a 32 bit NAS?

Hi everybody, can you help me? I need to find out if I can use a DS218J Synology NAS for ROON core. I downloaded RoonServer_Synology_x86_64_2018-03-07.spk and followed all the instructions but it didn’t work. Thanks a lot,

A 64-bit Intel processor is required, see here.

Thanks. What do you suggest? There is only to buy another NAS?
Which one? Synology DS718+ would be enough?
I need it to run roon core to my naim unity atom wiyhout turning on a pc…
Thanks a lot

The link that Andy posted gives the minimum specs, after that it depends on your preference (QNAP or Synology), budget, library size, DSP usage, and number of concurrent zones.

If those are moderate then an i3 or i5 based NAS should be fine … if you push it then consider an i7 based NAS.

Well, I believe I’m just a beginner and I have no such high standards…
About 20k songs and just one output as mentioned. Would be possible to use a DS 718+ or even a DS 218, 218+ or 218 play?
Thanks for your time…

@Carlo_Besana An idea: instead of buying another NAS box you could keep the one you have and go for ROCK on an Intel NUC. An i3 NUC + 8 GB RAM & M2.SSD would probably cost you not much more than a decently specced NAS. It would definitely cost less than one of the NAS devices officially recommended for running Roon Core smoothly.


Don’t buy another NAS; you really shouldn’t be running Roon on a NAS anyway…

Get a NUC and dedicate it to Roon. You can still have that point at your NAS for the raw music library. Just make sure you create a new user for Roon on the NAS, and give it read only permissions to only your music share and not the entire NAS.


What makes you say that you shouldn’t run Roon on a NAS?
I know of several users on here and elsewhere who successfully run Roon on a QNAP NAS with no problems.

It has security implications, for one. Secondly, if you want to use any of the more strenuous DSP Engine options, most consumer NAS units don’t really have the CPU to do that effectively. With Synology, for example, you’d need a recentish (2015 or later, ideally 2018 or later) Plus model at a minimum.

It’s possible, but (a) it’s not the most economical choice if you need to buy one (as opposed to using one you already have), and (b) it’s more complicated than a single purpose device (I keep harping on simplicity, you can find several posts on this theme).

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It’s true. @AndersVinberg does have several posts on the theme ! :wink:.

Fortunately they’re all good reading and I share (but somehow don’t practice …) his fundamental premise about simplicity.

I would also recommend a dedicated NUC/ROCK for Roon over an upgraded NAS. ROCK just works whereas a NAS Core solution feels overly complex and has presented Support with new and exciting issues from time to time.

a nas is a pc by another name. IMHO you’re better off building your own system and installing Roon on it. Far better price/performance and you’re not dependent on a nas manufacturer.

Another very happy NUC/ROCK user here. No need to go the trouble of getting another NAS.