Is it possible to set up a HifiBerry Amp2 (or something else) with a volume knob? Would RoPieee support it?

I want to use Ropiee to use a pair of passive speakers with Roon. I was thinking of using a HifiBerry Amp 2.

My question is: would some kind of volume knob work with Ropiee and Roon? A similar question was asked more than a year ago, but not answered.


IThey don’t have support for external volume controls like some amp boards have built in so would rely on the os to control another piece of hardware and have drivers and software to control it. This is outside of what Ropieees designed for I would say.

RoPieee supports two USB remote control receivers (’s IR remote and I forget what the other one is). You can teach it volume up/volume down. If your DAC exposes volume control to Roon (or you set Roon to do DSP volume), then you can do volume control from a remote. Not quite the same thing as having an actual volume knob, but maybe it meets your requirements?

There are companies that sell USB volume knobs as generic devices for any OS. I believe these present themselves as a USBHID keyboard and just send the standard volume up/down media keys when turned. I don’t know if RoPieee listens to the generic media keys already or not, but if not, that might be something you could convince @spockfish to add support for.