Is it possible to upgrade Nucleus to Nucleus+?

Hey everyone!

Is it possible to upgrade a nucleus to nucleus plus? It would seem that you could swap the i3 NUC for an i7 NUC and add the additional RAM and SSD space. Presumably this would void the warranty. I’ve read in a couple threads about people upgrading RAM, but no other components. Is there something I am missing?

It’s not possible. Besides the motherboard/cpu and RAM, there are differences in the software and hardware related to thermal load.

By the time you did all that, even if you could, you might as well sell the Nucleus and buy a Nucleus +.

Yes! Make sure you have a good backup, buy a Nucleus+, transplant the music drive (if using one), and restore the backup… sell your Nucleus here in the forum :blush:


maybe a bit off topic…is the Nucleus cpu soldered to the mainboard or using a socket?

It is not socketed.

Hi @danny , is it possible to purchase and replace a motherboard identical to the one in the Nucleus+ and install it without sending it back for repair? I ask in case the motherboard on my nucleus+ dies.