Is Linn Selekt DSM Edition Hub "Roon Tested"

I have the version of the Selekt DSM which is now referred to as “Classic”. It shows up as Roon Tested and generally works well with Roon. Roon correctly identifies the device and its capabilities as in the image below.

I’m considering upgrading to the newer Selekt DSM Edition Hub. I’ve read conflicting things about Roon’s ability to recognize and interact with this model. Does anyone own one and, if so, can you comment on this?


Mine is like this. It appears in the “Other network devices” section.

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Thank you very much. My current Selekt Classic Hub shows up under Roon Tested and has an accurate device icon. That’s different than what you see with the Selekt Edition, but if yours works correctly, that’s what matters.

Mine is on the way. I should have it within a couple of weeks.

Thanks again.

Entirely OK, but not complete. It seems DSD256, which should be available with Organik DAC, does not appear in Roon for my SELEKT DSM EO when upsampling.

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I understand. Thank you.

maybe someone can help me. I just bought a second hand LINN Selekt DSM and try to connect it to Roon via Network cable. My Selekt DSM is only shown as an airplay device. Roon Webpage shows Linn Selekt DSM is just Roon tested not Roon ready? I read a lot of posts about Roon integrates Roon with higher samplin rates. Did I make mistake with may network settings?

I believe that you need to access the Selekt DSM via the Linn streaming subnet (see Roon’s Settings > Setup page) to get higher resolution than the Airplay connection. See also:

Selekt DSM /0 - LinnDocs

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I do have a Linn Selekt DSM Classic Surround and it works just fine.

Try power you Linn off (including power cord) - wait 15.20 minutes and than turn it on again.


Thank you for your answer. I tried it out, I saw the wrong subnet mask… but how to change it to another IP Adresse. No edit function availabe.

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