Is MQA code decoding happening by Roon?

@Danny perhaps that should be made more transparent and Roon would save a bunch of money from all the users that switch it off.

Even when disabling it’s not evident in the signal path which still shows MQA authentication, and that its a 24bit file. Although my DAC does show 44.1

That’s just saying it was authenticated, but then you did volume leveling so you lost all the MQA signal.

If you enable core decoding, you’d be seeing 88.2khz on the DAC and a core decode stage in the signal path.

Might be nice to have this as a global settings for all endpoints, rather than hidden away in the advanced setting on each endpoint.

Especially if Roon is paying a monthly license fee per account. Happy to save you whatever I can so the funds can be better used elsewhere.


it’s more of a matter of principle… we are talking about fractions of pennies.

Fractions of pennies? MQA sounds a lot like this scheme. Let us hope that MQA’s dithering is better than Michael Bolton’s rounding.