Is multiroom with Linn and Roon Ready (raat) devices possible

I‘m quite new to roon but it seems I can „only“ multiroom between devices using the same protocol (eg raat, or airplay, or …). Sure makes sense.

Now, I now that with roon 1.5 support for Linn was added. But I saw it appears as „Linn Streaming“ Iirc.

Can such a Linn Streaming device be mixed with Roon Ready (raat) devices in multiroom?

Why was is not possible to convince Linn to just make their devices roon ready? Even for a new product like the Selekt.

No, all the zone in a group need to use the same protocol.

That’s probably a question for a Linn.

Because Linn were/are significantly bigger than Roon and not too many are in a position to tell Linn how to do their business. Taking a step or two towards their position was probably the right thing to do.

Sure. I just hope the market will punish them accordingly.
Not being roon ready means LINN devices will only multiroom with other LINN devices.

LINNs implementation of Airplay is just a joke, by not controlling the preamp section and instead having two separate volumes - one from the IOs device and the separate preamp volume. So for me, this does not count as multiroom alternative. And by the way, LINN has no plans to add Airplay 2 they told me.